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Monday, September 28, 2009

Beep Beep Boop *zrrrrrrt*

So as many of you might know, I recently got offered two jobs: a one-shot 22 page comic, and another short graphic novel (I think its somewheres about 80 pages), both about robots.
I just recently finished up my last freelance job with Columbia University doing page layouts and making graphs, and am now working on the one-shot, seeing as how I don't want the robot characters to trickle into each other while working on the two at the same time. (Mixing two people's creations together sometimes never works out for at least one party involved.)

Anyways, I'd figure some quick sketches of the cast of the robot carnival characters might tie you guys over for a bit!




Remington Thunder

And as a bonus, I remember telling some people that I owned the orginal Charles Barkley vs. Godzilla comic.
well, here's my proof!

Dubbed by many to be both the Worst, and Best comic story ever.
(Actually, I'm not sure how much that is true.)


Christine Larsen said...

Sandback is channeling some hardcore short circut. These look great.

Super Giant Robot said...

Hahaha, thats Remington Thunder Christine. I formatted this entire post wrong, but thank you nether less!