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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Maxwell C. Walker

For my third assignment for my Senior Illustration class, I chose to make a biographical video game manual. The western theme came about when I was trying to narrow down my ideas: The fantasy aspect of RPGs has been done to death and back, and kid theme RPGs like Earthbound seem to be popping up all over now. The one thing that got me thinking, was that besides in the table top RPG realm, there's hardly any Western theme ones (Well, if you count the Wild Arms series, but it took them them until the last half of the 2nd game to get the western part right. But even then, they ended up making it more futuristic in the 4th, and the 5th one has too many JRPG and Fantasy elements, and little Western elements, as if the producers forgot what the hell they're doing now. Consistency people!) Okay, enough ranting, heres what I came up with.

A young boy about 13 years in age, Max has always had aspirations of becoming a great Vagabond like his father. Self-trained with revolvers by watching his dad, and despite his small stature, he can hold his own, but can be timid at times. Since Max is small and agile, he can easily dodge attacks from larger enemies, and take down aerial monsters with great accuracy. After the disappearance of his father a few years prior, he sets off into the desert wasteland with his sister in hopes he can find any clues as to what happened to him.

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