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Monday, September 22, 2008

Beer Coasters

For Megan's Senior Portfolio class, we had to make and design beer coasters. And if you know me, I loves beers.
(Seriously, a six back of Asahi, and you've got my heart.)
For my theme, I chose to do Science Fiction characters from dystopian futures (Except for Picard, he's just an innocent bystander to the whole thing unfolding before him.)

Korban Dallas

Judge Joseph Dredd

Mad Max

Logan 5

Jean-Luc Picard

Pen & Ink, with Watercolors added digitally.


Anonymous said...

Mad Max is great!

Anonymous said...

the expression on picards face is very WEEGEE

Super Giant Robot said...


-The Management

Super Giant Robot said...

Also, Thanks Anons

Kuypijama said...
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Anonymous said...


I am the first anon. Ben Kuyper son. What program are you using to add the watercoloring? Shit looks dope

Super Giant Robot said...

Hahah shit dude, nice to hear from you. This was all done in photoshop.
For the watercolors themselves, I just splattered them onto paper, scanned them, and cut them into the shapes I needed.

Anonymous said...

It's an awesome looking technique man, keep it up

Tina said...

this made me lol really hard