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Friday, June 6, 2008

MLG Logos

These are three of the few logos I had to come up with for
Halo and Gears of War teams on the MLG (Major League Gaming) circuit.
Hopefully I might be getting a summer job with them.
FUN FACT #1: (Spoilers: I don't.)

What I like about these is that it gives me a chance to work on Typography, something that I wasn't too fond of at first.

FUN FACT #2: As of 6/20/08, it turns out the last two teams disbanded.


ChaoticKnight said...

Nice! I like the first one a lot. So you didn't get the job? Or you don't know yet?

Super Giant Robot said...

Sadly, I didn't get the job.
The first guy my friend showed them to liked the NSANEZ and Influence ones, but the second guy (who was the art director) thought they where too cartoony, but liked the effort put into them.